Why are reaction videos popular? How about reaction videos responding to reaction videos? There is a sense of isolation with respect to community, probably signficantly due to the internet. Fundamentally, we like to share: we want to share things we experience, perhaps in part to validate the experiences, or to have someone to "hold" the experience with us (to literally share it). As our social circles decrease, and as the ease of communicating on the internet increases, we can outsource this feeling of sharing experiences with others via seeing their reactions to things we are interested in.

This of course applies more broadly than to just reaction videos. But these are so visceral, they make a great example. They feel like a conversation. They feel like sharing things with your friends, pointing out funny or cool parts.

It's also possible that interests have become niche because of the wide variety of possibilities. In this sense, maybe we often think that we can't share an interest with those around us. It's likely this has always existed, but now we can find those people to share with on the internet.

Is this damaging at all, psychologically?